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We Germans are known for the fact that we like to travel in the distance. And not just for 14 days in the summer months, but also for a longer period of time. Because such a longer break can not only be relaxing and relaxing. It also brings with it many new ideas and inspirations, which can then be used afterwards.

If you do not just want to visit a place during your break, but are planning a whole world trip, you have to start work early enough. Because a world tour is not planned from now on and certainly not implemented. In addition, not only a corresponding itinerary has to be planned. The money needed for the trip around the world must also be raised. And this is usually the biggest challenge. Because as great as the desire for experiences and a certain spontaneity may be, without money this will be hard to fulfill.

The costs of a trip around the world can usually only be determined to a limited extent in advance. Of course, it can be calculated roughly what the transport and accommodation cost in approximately. But food and many other things can not be calculated in advance. In addition, even a trip around the world is not protected from surprises and rescheduling. And so, in any case, additional costs will always be added that no one would have expected.

Can a loan be taken for a trip around the world?

Can a loan be taken for a trip around the world?

Who has not saved enough money for the long journey, who will usually plan to close that financial hole with the help of a loan for a world trip. But as nice as the plan may be – it will be difficult to implement. Because banks only grant a loan if they have a permanent job and a permanent residence in Germany. However, those who say goodbye to Germany for several months or even years will probably not be able to show both. Therefore, it will be very difficult to find a good credit for a trip around the world. In any case, not if it is to be taken on its own.

How can a loan be realized for a trip around the world?

How can a loan be realized for a trip around the world?

Anyone planning a loan for a trip around the world, however, should be aware that they can only accept this with a good deal of support.

So the credit for a trip around the world should not be taken by the traveler himself, but by another person. Perhaps family members can support the project by taking out the loan, making the money available, and at the same time ensuring that the repayment is on a regular basis. It is important that the borrower or borrowers are based in Germany and pursue a solid and well-paid job.

If a installment loan can be taken up in this way, then this should be equipped with as long a term as possible. Although this means that the loan will be more expensive due to the long term, at least this ensures at least that only small monthly installments are incurred, which can be repaid even under unfavorable conditions. Moreover, if the installment loan is made, the bank does not have to be told what the money is used for. This one will not be thrilled when she learns that the money will be used for a trip around the world.

By the way: If you would like to use your trip around the world to work creatively while on the road, you can try to find sponsors or something similar for this purpose, which then financially supports the work on the way. In addition, many freelancers, such as authors, photographers or painters, are able to work while on the move, serving their customers and being paid normally. For this case, therefore, only a corresponding account would have to be set up, which can be used by the customers and the traveler.

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